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JavaScript is supported out of the box in Emacs, see js-mode.

JavaScript REPL[edit]

Have a look at mozrepl - a REPL for interacting with an external web browser's internal JavaScript engine. However MozRepl seems to be unmaintained. There is swank-js which is browser independent and based on Node.JS and SLIME.

Other JavaScript modes[edit]

  • js2-mode by Steve Yegge is one of the most complete JavaScript modes. It boasts run-time validation of JavaScript.

See also[edit]

The following packages are available on MELPA.


You can use flymake-jslint or flymake-gjslint to lint your javascript code.

Run javascript in an inferior process window[edit]

js-comint.el let's you run an inferior javascript process in emacs, and defines a few functions for sending javascript input to it quickly.

Live browser eval of JavaScript every time a buffer changes[edit]

This can be accomplished with skewer-mode or livid-mode.

Beautify HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JSON[edit]

This will be done with web-beautify.