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Description A direct cursor location minor mode
Maintainer name of maintainer
Part of Emacs no

Ace-jump-mode can help you to move your cursor to ANY position in emacs by using only 3 times key press. It is an fast/direct cursor location minor mode. It will create the N-Branch search tree internal and marks all the possible position with predefined keys in within the whole emacs view. Allowing you to move to the character/word/line almost directly. You'll understand perfectly with this short demo.


You'll find it in ELPA (don't forget to read the doc of that package and add the corresponding elisp code in your .emacs) and you can use el-get too.

The lisp source is at github :


You already know that if you watched the short demo : C-c SPC, type in the first character of the word you want to go on, and select it.

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