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Just do {{Command|ansi-term}}. A shell be opened in the current window
Just do {{Command|ansi-term}}. A shell will be opened in the current [[window]]
with a [[buffer]] named <code>*ansi-term*</code>.
with a [[buffer]] named {{Buffer|*ansi-term*}}.
==See Also ==
==See Also==
* [[term]]
* [[eshell]]
* [[shell]]
[[Category:Terminal Emulator]]
[[Category:Terminal Emulator]]

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Description Terminal emulator with in Emacs
Author name of author
Maintainer FSF
Source http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs.git/tree/lisp/term.el
Part of Emacs yes

ansi-term is a terminal-emulator builtin in Emacs. ansi-term is enhancement of term. It has a very good emulation support and can even run and display Emacs correctly, i.e., Emacs session within another Emacs session .


Just do M-x ansi-term. A shell will be opened in the current window with a buffer named "*ansi-term*".

See Also