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try a vegeterian diet, it helps get rid of fat, bulk.avoid salts. you still can have portein just notfrom meat. try fish if you have to get portein.other than that, any kind of stop, and jumps, repeatedwill help build the muscles you need. do it for 20 minutesever other day. you need to give it time to may want to increate the 30 minutes of jumpingto 40 once you see improved jumping.Play lots of basketballIf you play a lot of ball, that will tranlate into being in better shape. There's no way your vertical leap will improve if you aren't in good shape. Also, there are lots of quick movements you make in a game that you can't recreate outside of actual game play. These help build your overall basketball abilities, as well as your athleticism (explosiveness, jumping ability, etc.).- Workout with a jump ropeIt's an old school exercise, but it works. Jumping rope is a great way to build stamina, and work on your leg strength. In addition, it builds jumping ability (explosiveness, calf strength, etc.). It's really a great exercise.- Run stadium stairsAnother old school exericse and a great one. Running stadium stairs can really help your vertical leap because it build stamina, leg strength, and when done right, explosiveness. To work on explosiveness, use bounding movements. In otherwords, don't just get from one step the the next, but really leap and bound up from one step to the next.- Wall sits and squatsStrength training (like wall sits and squats) will help you build leg strength, which is a key component of athletic fitness, and therefore jumping ability. Remember to only use a weight that is comfortable for you, and to always have a trainer or training partner work out with you. You don't want to get hurt lifting too much weight, or lifting it improperly.- Explosive leapsThis is a great type of exercises. Do these at a park, or on a football field so that you are cushioned by the soft grass surface.One-legged jumps are done like this: leap as high as possible off of one foot, then come down and immediately leap as high as possible off the other leg. Repeat this for 10 to 15 jumps.Two-legged leaps are done like this: squat down so you are in the triple threat position. Now explode up and off the ground as if you are reaching for a rebound. Come down, gather yourself for a second or two, then leap up again, as high as possible. Do this 8 to 10 times.Remember, vertical leap is part leg strength and part explosiveness. In fact, the explosiveness part is the more important of the two. It's not about the size of your leg muscles, or how much weight you can put up in the gym. It's about your athletic ability, coordination, and your ability to explode up and off the ground.