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* [http://www.lisperati.com/ Land of Lisp & Other books]
* [http://www.lisperati.com/ Land of Lisp & Other books]
Cat: Programming -> Programming languages

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Emacs ships with a lisp-mode for Common Lisp that supports basic stuff like indentation, sexp navigation and font-locking.

If you're doing serious Common Lisp development you should have a look at the complementary SLIME, which gives you the ability to develop Lisp programs interactively. Here's a few useful Emacs Lisp code snippets for your SLIME configuration:

;; a list of alternative Common Lisp implementations that can be
;; used with SLIME. Note that their presence render
;; inferior-lisp-program useless. This variable holds a list of
;; programs and if you invoke SLIME with a negative prefix
;; argument, M-- M-x slime, you can select a program from that list.
(setq slime-lisp-implementations
      '((ccl ("ccl"))
        (clisp ("clisp" "-q"))
        (cmucl ("cmucl" "-quiet"))
        (sbcl ("sbcl" "--noinform") :coding-system utf-8-unix)))

;; select the default value from slime-lisp-implementations
(if (eq system-type 'darwin)
    ;; default to Clozure CL on OS X
    (setq slime-default-lisp 'ccl)
  ;; default to SBCL on Linux and Windows
  (setq slime-default-lisp 'sbcl))

(add-hook 'lisp-mode-hook (lambda () (run-hooks 'prelude-lisp-coding-hook)))
(add-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook (lambda () (run-hooks 'prelude-interactive-lisp-coding-hook)))

;; start slime automatically when we open a lisp file
(defun prelude-start-slime ()
  (unless (slime-connected-p)
    (save-excursion (slime))))

(add-hook 'slime-mode-hook 'prelude-start-slime)

;; Stop SLIME's REPL from grabbing DEL,
;; which is annoying when backspacing over a '('
(defun prelude-override-slime-repl-bindings-with-paredit ()
  (define-key slime-repl-mode-map
    (read-kbd-macro paredit-backward-delete-key) nil))

(add-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook 'prelude-override-slime-repl-bindings-with-paredit)

(eval-after-load "slime"
     (setq slime-complete-symbol-function 'slime-fuzzy-complete-symbol
           slime-fuzzy-completion-in-place t
           slime-enable-evaluate-in-emacs t
           slime-autodoc-use-multiline-p t)

     (define-key slime-mode-map (kbd "TAB") 'slime-indent-and-complete-symbol)
     (define-key slime-mode-map (kbd "C-c i") 'slime-inspect)
     (define-key slime-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-s") 'slime-selector)))


Cat: Programming -> Programming languages