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Description IRC in Emacs
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Part of Emacs yes, since 22.1

ERC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client built into Emacs.

Basic setup

Start ERC using M-x erc or M-x erc-tls if you want to connect over SSL.

Helpful keybindings

Common customization

(eval-after-load "erc"

     ;; Set personal information
     (setq erc-nick "defaultnick")
     (setq erc-user-full-name "My Full Name")

     ;; Set autojoin channels
     (setq erc-autojoin-channels-alist
           '("" "#emacs" "#foo" "#bar"))))

;; Set autoconnect networks
(defun my-erc ()
  "Connect to my default ERC servers."

  (erc-tls :server "" :port 7000))

Using the above configuration calling M-x my-erc will start ERC and connect to Freenode using SSL, then join the three channels listed above.

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