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'''Text''' is manipulated through '''Buffer''' object with '''point''' and '''marker'''.  
'''Text''' is manipulated through '''Buffer''' object with '''point''' and '''marker'''.  
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
|+ Text related function and ''Vairalbe''
|+ Text related function and ''Variable''
| Category || Function ''Variable''
| Category || Function ''Variable''

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Special form

special form has its own rule for which arguments are evaluated

Special Form
Purpose Forms
Definition defconst defun defvar
Binding constructs let let* function
Conditional evaluation and cond if or
Sequential evaluation prog1 prog2 progn
Iteration while function
Syntactic extension defmacro
Quoting quote
Assignment setq setq-default
Nonlocal Exits catch condition-case unwind-protect
Save save-current-buffer save-excursion save-restriction save-window-excursion
Other interactive track-mouse with-output-to-temp-buffer

Standard Library







Hash Tables






buffer is a lisp object containing text to be edited

Buffer related function and Variable
Category Functions Variable
Basic bufferp current-buffer set-buffer save-current-buffer with-current-buffer with-temp-buffer
Buffer Names buffer-name rename-buffer get-buffer generate-new-buffer-name
Buffer File Name buffer-file-name buffer-file-name buffer-file-truename buffer-file-number get-file-buffer find-buffer-visting set-visted-file-name list-buffers-directory
Buffer Modification buffer-modified-p set-buffer-modified-p restore-buffer-modified-p not-modified buffer-modified-tick buffer-chars-modified-tick
Buffer Modification Time verify-visited-file-modtime clear-visited-file-modtime visited-file-modtime set-visited-file-modtime ask-user-about-supersession-threat
Read-Only Buffers buffer-read-only inhibit-read-only toggle-read-only barf-if-buffer-read-only
Buffer List buffer-list other-buffer last-buffer bury-buffer unbury-buffer
Creating Buffers get-buffer-creat generate-new-buffer
Killing Buffers kill-buffer kill-buffer-query-function kill-buffer-hook buffer-offer-save buffer-save-without-query buffer-live-p
Indirect Buffers make-indirect-buffer clone-indirect-buffer buffer-base-buffer
Swapping Text Between Two Buffers buffer-swap-text
Buffer Gap gap-position gap-size





Text (unfinished)

Text is manipulated through Buffer object with point and marker.

Text related function and Variable
Category Function Variable
Near Point char-after char-before following-char preceding-char bobp eobp bolp eolp
Examining Buffer Contents buffer-substring buffer-substring-no-properties buffer-string filter-buffer-substring filter-buffer-substring-function buffer-substring-filters current-word thing-at-point
Comparing Text compare-buffer-substrings
Inserting Text insert insert-before-markers insert-char insert-buffer-substring insert-buffer-substring-no-properties
User-Level Insertion Commands insert-buffer self-insert-command newline overwrite-mode
Deleting Text erase-buffer delete-region delete-and-extract-region delete-char delete-backward-char backwar-delete-char-untabify backward-delete-char-untabify-method
User-Level Deletion Commands delete-horizontal-space delete-indentation fixup-whitespace just-one-space delete-blank-lines