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Special form

special form has its own rule for which arguments are evaluated

Special Form
Purpose Forms
Definition defconst defun defvar
Binding constructs let let* function
Conditional evaluation and cond if or
Sequential evaluation prog1 prog2 progn
Iteration while function
Syntactic extension defmacro
Quoting quote
Assignment setq setq-default
Nonlocal Exits catch condition-case unwind-protect
Save save-current-buffer save-excursion save-restriction save-window-excursion
Other interactive track-mouse with-output-to-temp-buffer

Standard Library


Emacs supports two numeric data types: integers and floating point numbers

Number related function and Variable
Category Functions Variable
Integer Basics most-positive-fixnum most-negative-fixnum
Floating Point Basics logb float-e float-pi
Type Predicate Test floatp integerp numberp wholenump zerop
Comparison = eql /= < <= > >= max min abs
Conversions float truncate floor ceiling round
Arithmetic Operations 1+ 1- + - * / % mod
Rounding Operations ffloor fceiling ftruncate fround
Bitwise Operations lsh ash logand logior logxor lognot
Mathematical Functions sin cos tan asin acos atan exp log log10 expt sqrt
Random Numbers random






Hash Tables






buffer is a lisp object containing text to be edited

Buffer related function and Variable
Category Functions Variable
Basic bufferp current-buffer set-buffer save-current-buffer with-current-buffer with-temp-buffer
Buffer Names buffer-name rename-buffer get-buffer generate-new-buffer-name
Buffer File Name buffer-file-name buffer-file-name buffer-file-truename buffer-file-number get-file-buffer find-buffer-visting set-visted-file-name list-buffers-directory
Buffer Modification buffer-modified-p set-buffer-modified-p restore-buffer-modified-p not-modified buffer-modified-tick buffer-chars-modified-tick
Buffer Modification Time verify-visited-file-modtime clear-visited-file-modtime visited-file-modtime set-visited-file-modtime ask-user-about-supersession-threat
Read-Only Buffers buffer-read-only inhibit-read-only toggle-read-only barf-if-buffer-read-only
Buffer List buffer-list other-buffer last-buffer bury-buffer unbury-buffer
Creating Buffers get-buffer-creat generate-new-buffer
Killing Buffers kill-buffer kill-buffer-query-function kill-buffer-hook buffer-offer-save buffer-save-without-query buffer-live-p
Indirect Buffers make-indirect-buffer clone-indirect-buffer buffer-base-buffer
Swapping Text Between Two Buffers buffer-swap-text
Buffer Gap gap-position gap-size





Text (unfinished)

Text is manipulated through Buffer object with point and marker.

Text related function and Variable
Category Function Variable
Near Point char-after char-before following-char preceding-char bobp eobp bolp eolp
Examining Buffer Contents buffer-substring buffer-substring-no-properties buffer-string filter-buffer-substring filter-buffer-substring-function buffer-substring-filters current-word thing-at-point
Comparing Text compare-buffer-substrings
Inserting Text insert insert-before-markers insert-char insert-buffer-substring insert-buffer-substring-no-properties
User-Level Insertion Commands insert-buffer self-insert-command newline overwrite-mode
Deleting Text erase-buffer delete-region delete-and-extract-region delete-char delete-backward-char backwar-delete-char-untabify backward-delete-char-untabify-method
User-Level Deletion Commands delete-horizontal-space delete-indentation fixup-whitespace just-one-space delete-blank-lines