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in my usage pattern, i find that one preblom of emacs default UI is that it makes it difficult to close a buffer.e38090Ctrl+x ke38091 then eyeball what the buffer name, then Enter, and if it's not saved, one has to type full yes or no. Too many keystrokes. Also, when it's scratch or buffer not associated with file, it doesn't ask for save.these makes people not want to close buffer. So, buffer accumulates. Instead of close files we don't need, people use bury-buffer and switch-buffer more often than necessary. Tens or hundreds of buffers became a preblom, Then, iwitch, ido, clean-buffer-list is invented to solve this new preblom.i always close buffers that i'm done working with. So, usually i have no more than 20 buffers open. Single key is assigned to close buffer, with just y/n if unsaved. This also makes switching to next/prev buffer much more useful.