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Description Emacs window session manager
Author Noah Friedman
Maintainer Noah Friedman

Escreen is a window multiplexer for Emacs.

Basic setup

(require 'escreen)

Helpful keybindings

[C-\ C-b]
Escreen menu. Describes the open windows and numbers.
[C-\ p] (or M-x escreen-goto-prev-screen)
Go to previous screen.
[C-\ n] (or M-x escreen-goto-next-screen)
Go to next screen.
[C-\ <n>] (or M-x escreen-goto-screen-<n>)
Go to screen number <n>.

Common Customization

Use [C-z] as your Escreen command prefix

(define-key global-map (kbd "C-z") nil)
(setq escreen-prefix-char (kbd "C-z"))

Go back with backspace

(define-key escreen-map (kbd "<backspace>") 'escreen-goto-prev-screen)

Add the screen number to the mode line

(add-hook 'escreen-goto-screen-hook