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* [https://github.com/cofi/evil-leader evil-leader]: Port of Vim's mapleader.
* [https://github.com/cofi/evil-leader evil-leader]: Port of Vim's mapleader.
* [[ace-jump]]: Port of Vim's Easy-motion
=== Bug tracker ===
=== Bug tracker ===

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Evil is an extensible vi layer for Emacs. It provides Vim features like Visual selection and text objects, and is the successor to the now defunct vimpulse and vim-mode.

Quick install

Evil comes prebuilt in emacs24. In Emacs23, Evil can be downloaded and installed using el-get with: M-x el-get-install RET evil RET.


Alternatively, Evil lives in a Git repository. To download Evil, do:

git clone git://gitorious.org/evil/evil.git

If you don't have Git, just head over to Gitorious and click the "Download master as tar.gz" link (extract with ##tar -xzf master.tar.gz##).


If you installed it manually, move Evil to ~/.emacs.d/evil (or somewhere else in your ##load-path##). In any case, add the following lines to ~/.emacs:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/evil") ;;no need with 24
(require 'evil)
(evil-mode 1)

Evil requires [UndoTree undo-tree.el] in the load-path for linear undo and undo branches. Otherwise, Evil uses regular Emacs undo.


A brief PDF manual is available in the /doc subdirectory.



Bug tracker

The bugtrucker can be found on Bitbucket.