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[[GNU Emacs]] major version 24 is expected to release in 2012. While still in the stage of development, Emacs 24 is considered to be stable enough for every-day use.
[[GNU Emacs]] 24.2, released on August 27, 2012
== Where to get ==
== Where to get ==

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GNU Emacs 24.2, released on August 27, 2012

Where to get

Major Changes

Package Management

Emacs now ship with a Package Management package, An official package repository is also setup by GNU, you can also add more repository.

Lexical scope in Emacs Lisp

Emacs can now eval code in lexical scope, user has to explicit choose bewteen Lexical scope or Dynamic scope by set variable lexical-binding, Dynamic scope is still the default.

Custom color themes

Emacs now has a native Theme customization support.

RTL language support

Emacs now handles RTL languages like Hebrew, Arabic.

Unicode support

Emacs now shows the hex code for non-displaying glyphs instead of the empty block.

Further reading

  • GNU Emacs News, accessed by [C-h n] (or M-x view-emacs-news) in Emacs.


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