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[[GNU Emacs]] 24.1, released on June 10, 2012
[[GNU Emacs]] 24.3, released on March 11, 2013
== Where to get ==
== Where to get ==

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GNU Emacs 24.3, released on March 11, 2013

Where to get[edit]

Major Changes[edit]

Package Management[edit]

Emacs now ship with a Package Management package, An official package repository is also setup by GNU, you can also add more repository.

Lexical scope in Emacs Lisp[edit]

Emacs can now eval code in lexical scope, user has to explicit choose bewteen Lexical scope or Dynamic scope by set variable lexical-binding, Dynamic scope is still the default.

Custom color themes[edit]

Emacs now has a native Theme customization support.

RTL language support[edit]

Emacs now handles RTL languages like Hebrew, Arabic.

Unicode support[edit]

Emacs now shows the hex code for non-displaying glyphs instead of the empty block.

Further reading[edit]

  • GNU Emacs News, accessed by [C-h n] (or M-x view-emacs-news) in Emacs.


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