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A few conventions and notations are used throughout this wiki. Most of them are very similar to those used in the Emacs Manual

Key bindings

The notation [C-M-a], denotes a key binding. Here, C- represents the <Control> key (which is labelled <Ctrl> on most keyboards), M- represents the <Meta> key (which is labelled <Alt> on most keyboards), and a simply represents the a key. Thus, to produce this key combination, you should press simultaneously the <Ctrl>, <Alt>, and a keys on your keyboard.

You can form sequences of key bindings. For example [C-x C-c] denotes the [C-x] key combination (i.e. <ctrl>+x) followed by the [C-c] key combination (i.e. <ctrl>+c).

Below is a list of some keys you might encounter on this wiki:

notation corresponding key
C- <Ctrl>
M- <Meta> or <Alt>
S- <Shift>
left <left arrow>