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Info is the hypertext help/reference browser in GNU Emacs. You invoke its top level with [C-h i] (or M-x info).

Basic command

In the graphic environment, you can also use your mouse to browse info like browse a web site.

Basic Keyboad Command
Command Name Keys Explain equivalent to web browser
info-scroll-up <space> scroll up to read more, when finish a node, jump to next node page down
info-scroll-down <delete> scroll down to review, when at the beginning of a node, jump to previous node page up
info-follow-nearest-node <enter> jump to the node of which link is to nearest to the cursor click the link
info-history-back l jump to previous node, which you have read history back
info-prev p jump to previous node, as indicated on the header line click the link
info-next n jump to next node, as indicated on the the header line click the link
info-up ^ jump to the superior node, as indited on the head line click the link
info-menu m jump to one of nodes in the menu of by entering name click the link
info-nth-menu-item 1-9 jump to one of nodes in the menu by number click the link
info-follow-reference f jump to one of cross reference nodes click the link
info-exit q exit from the info close the browser
info-summary ? show a summary of info command F1 (help)

Advanced Command

M-x info-apropos
Don't know where to go in Info? Try this command. For example, try M-x info-apropos RET compile RET to get some overview of compilation support in Emacs.
[C-h r] (or M-x info-emacs-manual)
Learn how to use GNU Emacs. Very detailed.
[C-h i] (or M-x info)
See the Info manuals of all packages that come with your GNU Emacs, and of any third-party packages and external programs whose info files Info finds in its search path.
While in an Info buffer, jump to some topic of interest. To learn about regular expressions try [C-h r] and [i regular TAB].
Same as [i] but gives you a list of links.
Try this if you are lost and overwhelmed by the amount of information available and you want to reflect on where all you went and how you got lost.
[C-u C-h i]
You have installed a Third party package. It includes (or you have created with makeinfo) an info file. This command allows you to browse this info file. To make the info file's contents permanently available in Info's top level, you can add the info file's containing directory to Info's search path using M-x customize-variable RET Info-directory-list, or by editing the INFOPATH environment variable and re-starting Emacs.