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Je demande pardon qu'est intervenu... Chez moi la situation semblable. On peut examiner.  
Gray Hair Is In
aracelypi bb4arg48
As part of his later years Cary Grant also got the movie goers heat up on the indisputable fact that gray hair is usually a cool thing indeed, suggesting experience and maturity within a man.
The evolutionary imperative selected dark hair without having a single gray strand inside it because gray hair subliminally signalled "old age."
However, in the urban environment, gray hair can also translate as "money" thereby could appeal to the nurturing instincts of young females of child-bearing age.
Exploring the matter from Edward Wilson's "Sociobiology" perspective, gray hair placed the young females within a bind by broadcasting two conflicting signals simultaneously -- "damaged genes" and "wealthy protector."
Nowadays, within this ages of international terrorism, nuclear proliferation, outsourcing, downsizing, bird-flu and global warming, probably the "nurturing" aspect of gray tresses are winning the subliminal argument.
Here is Taylor Hicks, the winner on the fifth round of yank Idol contest, with the exceptional prematurely gray hair.
Are you aware that at all times . 60 million viewers voted for him? Which means 60 million votes for gray hair, hurray! It's looking for sure.
And after that there's Cooper is beaten of CNN, an exceptionally energetic and serious young (38yrs) professional with a "nurturing" signal.
There are a variety of brainy creative women who for quite some time turned up in public places with prominent gray hair too. Or perhaps the singer Emmylou Harris, 59. It didn't hurt their career one small bit.

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Je demande pardon qu'est intervenu... Chez moi la situation semblable. On peut examiner. aracelypi bb4arg48