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Lately, jointly organized by the Guangdong Province Shantou tide Womens Federation, Communist Youth League Committee Chaonan, Chaonan Council by letter, aimed at "2013 China Southern Tide clothing cultural ambassador lingerie household textile and garment sector to market the influx of Southern Regional Brand Improvement trials "final accomplishment. From "Beauty in Flower City" artistic director Meng Kai, American Standard Garments Co., Ltd., general manager of Guangdong, Lin Sheng-wu, the jury composed of authorities, this occasion highlights the jury both art specialists have underwear apparel sector authorities to participate in the dwelling diversification characteristics for the complete tournament enhanced professionalism and concern. Game, players brilliant functionality, and eventually the championship title Liao Yi Kai removal of your tournament, and Huang Yu Chang Rui runner-up and third spot respectively, Chen Keming, Wu Ting, Sandy Chan along with other players had been awarded ten person awards. In line with the organizing committee mentioned the trials final to determine the winner of this "cultural ambassador", as the influx of South lingerie dress culture spokesman residence, whereas completely grasp the business improvement of local customs and tidal influx of South South underwear tracksuit, merely "cultural ambassador" of your most standard specifications. The trials are "Chinese lingerie homewear city" flagship tide south of polish city to market financial development and regional qualities, held a crucial tournament, got the American typical, Mu Lung, Fen-teng, autumn deer, beauty dream, meaning exciting, Qi Rui, Anns companion, Jacob Huilin, Suola Xi, Blue Diamond Girl and various other brands and Shantou tide Chen Zhen bra associations and also other relevant sector associations to take part in and strong assistance.