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Representing a sharp rise in worldwide production of yarn yarn production in the 1st quarter of 2013 worldwide yarn production, which can be the result of Asia, North and South America, greater yields, while yields declined in Europe. Inside a year, determined by worldwide yarn production also rose, which can be the result of Asia, South America and European higher yield, but the yield decreased significantly in North America. The second quarter is a lot more gratifying: Asia rose 7.7%, in particular China, to 9.9%; North and South America are also great, but a slight decline in Europe. Within the initially quarter of 2013, international yarn stocks remained practically unchanged, Asia and Europe to make a lower inventory, inventory increased slightly in South America. Similarly, in a year, based on international yarn stocks remained virtually unchanged. Europe and Brazil yarn orders inside the initially quarter of 2013, a slight raise inside the previous quarter. Year basis, the increase in yarn European orders, but a lesser decline in Brazil. Compared using the similar period last year, worldwide yarn production increased by 7%, like Europe and South America rose 7.6% and 4.6%, respectively, decrease production in North America and Europe. In the initially quarter of 2013, compared using the preceding quarter global fabric inventories decline, which is a outcome of inventory reductions in South America and North America, but Asian stocks larger. Compared using the similar period in 2012, the international fabric inventories fell, that is a outcome of South America, North America and Europe, low inventory, nevertheless it will not be adequate to compensate for high fabric inventory in Asia. Within the 1st quarter of 2013, Brazils fabric orders improved, but European orders fell. South America and Europe have declined year on year fabric orders. 2013 second-quarter international fabric production in the varied regions of your rally was high quality at 4.8% from the increase, specially in Asia, growth of 5.4%. Compared with a year earlier, rising international fabric production continued decent momentum production in Asia up by 9.6% to 4.2% increase in soaring and European markets. But America has ushered within a sharp decline of 20.8%. Outlook forecast for the third quarter of 2013 yarn production, the outlook in Europe, North America, South America remained normal, Europe is more bleak. The identical is anticipated for the production of textiles can also be successful. United states of america, "Textile World" also published a comparable estimate that way more optimistic for the fourth quarter 2013 area continues to be Asia, Europe and North America, mentioned neutral. 2013 Worldwide yarn stocks rose slightly in the second quarter, as a result of greater inventories in Europe, rose four.4%, although Asia rose 1.2%. Inventories in South America decreased by 1.9%. As a result, with the increasing trend regional inventories, total worldwide yarn inventories improved three.5%. Regardless of the enhance within the North American marketplace stocks, international fabric production in the second quarter of 2013 has declined, due to the South American industry stocks fell 7.8%. Compared with the similar period last year, worldwide fabric inventories fell by four.6%, as in North America, Europe and South America stocks are decreased, particularly in South America, fell as significantly as 20%. But on the other hand, Asian stocks was up 1.1%. 2013 second quarter, textile orders from Brazil ferocious rally, up 25.6%, but in Europe fell by 1.7%. And last year, the Brazilian textile stocks rose 1.2 percent in Europe fell 0.3%. As for yarn orders in Europe and Brazil decreased by 5.5% and 1.5%. Compared with all the fourth quarter of yarn orders final year, a decrease of 3.7% in Europe and Brazil reached 15.8%.