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2014 (Spring) Shenzhen International Household Decoration Exhibition-cum-textile fabric, forthcoming 2014 March 7 to 10 held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Undertake its peak popularity in 2013 Spring Fair, Spring Fair this year continue to become one particular hundred and twenty thousand square meters of scale, bringing together well-known brand cloth. 120,000 square meters of exhibition scale exhibition suppliers exhibitors circumstance hot, well-known textile fabric, soft residence decorative themes brands gathered. Well-known enterprises just like textile fabric: new Hongye source Zhicheng, Molykote, Viagra, Changhua, Ke Lida, new Dongxing, Jinhua, Xinhua Long, Oubo Lai, amazing vision, specially resistant, Yulong, thousands Hui, sculpture space, Maya, Xin Aaron, qualities which include Hong Kong and to the full; brand of Chinese high-end imported fabric Toshiyuki, Astec, Euroart, Ouellet, Extended Beach space, Sa to China, Prestigious, Albatros, NEWLINE, YAKAR, AKARCA, JASUMAN, ANY, are also actively participating. Substantial soft-mounted dwelling overall well-known enterprises, Chi Tat, cloth tiger, Bo place, according Manqi, Bao Shenghua Ting Lan goods like the interpretation in the overall ranking is still soft home decor trends. Well-known retailers like Rome, U.S. sources, the ocean, are also powerful join. In addition to well-known brands at property and abroad gathered in themes exhibitors gathered textile fabric, other subjects exhibiting the identical flowers Jing Fang brand: the new Laguna, Magnolia, Run Wanda, Taiwan, Kowloon, Arran Ace Lun, blue enamel Farentino, Bang Bao Jian letters wallpaper soft bag brand actively participating; large tricks, Shameng Korea, so high, can Litas, Jarre Cady along with other jewelry brands actively debut; Sovereign, Jie Xin, beauties which includes custom furniture brand debut; one thousand hundred Italian era, Tong Li, Xin Feng, Dua, the Yang, Stocks accessories, accessories lace-known brand soon after an additional. The exhibitions big exhibitors will intensify efforts to launch new products to better meet the marketplace requirements to revitalize the industry, obtainable to the majority of purchasers obtain new, high-quality brands to join the top chance. Cross-border integration, developing new enterprise possibilities pioneered the development of your market, "the complete household soft furnishings" development idea Shenzhen International Property Textiles Fair, by expanding the theme, the theme has been created for supporting essentially the most full all round domestic soft furnishings first exhibition, topics covered textile fabric, property accessories, window shade, wallpaper wall covering, general house, sleep decorated, interior soft loading design and style resources, overall solutions, Shenzhen International Residence Textiles Fair this cross-border integration model, completely meet Fabric retailers about the nation in recent years, the general soft cloth-based household equipment home business expansion needs to grasp the all round household soft furnishings consumer market place development opportunities. Colorful supporting activities, improve industry studying platform below the existing economic situation, the transformation of economic improvement mode, continuous innovation, industrial upgrading, the industry, corporations handle the present complex economic situation, the only way for suppliers to seek a new phase of steady development . Shenzhen, dwelling textile exhibition to market the transformation and upgrading of business duty, via research conducted publishing trends, national indoor soft furnishings design and style contest, art institutions nationwide design competitors, new item evaluation is encouraged, high-end forums, lectures, designer salon, star retail and wholesale business class award, show and clarify the other major international award-winning interior style solutions wealthy in higher levels of support activities to Shenzhen Exhibition has turn out to be the industry-wide communication, cooperation, studying, boost the transformation and upgrading with the camp, the annual parade sector development outcomes field. Participating you'll be in a position to upgrade from the higher.