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Recently, which includes Fuguiniao joeone, Emperor card and also other old Min to send clothing enterprises, have proposed or implemented its positioning and elegant gentleman, is cited as the market a new landscape. The overall downturn within the face of the market, Quanzhou clothes enterprises trying new high-end marketplace positioning, out of the low-end market, a Red Sea, to establish their own brand-new character. "Chinese gentleman" new positioning Lately, held in Xiamen Fuguiniao spring and summer time 2014 new orders shall be. Tellingly, rich bird was 1st proposed, in addition to construct Chinas 1st brand outside marriage custom suits, males also rich bird with "Chinese gentleman" as its new positioning. Day on the conference, dressed within a suit Fuguiniao ambassador Lu Yi, took more than the Group Chairman Lin peace and Fuguiniao Guys president Honghui Huang was awarded the "Chinese gentleman Fuguiniao ambassador" certificate, this scene is deemed officially launched its wealthy bird new "Chinese gentleman" market place positioning. Honghui Huang mentioned that final year, consumer demand in the external and internal to its personal benefits for the overall combing and re-cognition, the rich bird men established a new brand positioning - "Chinese gentleman." Reporters learned in the scene, rich bird males hand through spokesmen for "Chinese gentleman" brand positioning conduction, however regularly in solution improvement, design style innovation, introduced for "Chinese gentleman" items. It really is reported that, for the 2014 spring and summer season goods, rich bird guys will conduct a series of item types integration, make business enterprise life, style, casual, dress 3 products way more distinctive. Fuguiniao menswear designer Ye Zilong Lord mentioned, "2014 mens spring and summer time Fuguiniao will inside the tradition of high-end mens style style, showing Chinese gentleman self-confidence and sophisticated image, while alot more mainstream fit the new generation of Chinese elite wisdom, taste, a natural , the breath of life. "" elegant RUNAIR "continuous fermentation Meanwhile, a different well-known enterprises Fujian were guys joeone August 18 Quanzhou also start out with" For the elegant era "as the theme of your 2014 spring and summer fairs and actively promote sophisticated era process. Late final year, the joeone nationwide launch of "2012 elegant RUNAIR ambassador contest" started its "elegant RUNAIR" dress suggestions and "elegant RUNAIR equation" within the way they dress. "True gentleman doesn't depend on the surface excellent style or manners, but upon moral values; doesn't rely on personal wealth, but around the people top quality." Joeone head Lin intelligent interpretation on this elegant gentleman. Brand Center joeone relevant responsible person stated, in 2014 spring and summer season branding approach will continue to deepen "Precision" and "elegant Shen Shi" brand assets, producing joeone brands distinctive style to stand out in loads of domestic menswear. According Joeone chief designer Zhao Yufeng stated Joeone 2014 spring and summer season new solutions will continue, "elegant RUNAIR equation," the primary push the concept to focus on the earth, health concerns, concerns affection for style inspiration, launched the "Rococo", "Gulangyu", "waters Enjoy "three designs, 3 styles to each other and with distinctive attributes, and integrated into the protection of your organic environment, concerned about the notion of low-carbon life. In addition to high-end positioning excavations Blue Ocean Fuguiniao joeone, a veteran of service enterprises in Quanzhou Royal brand refined more than the years has been committed to mens brand positioning. Reporters discovered that the Emperor card 2013 new mens winter adhering to the "Chinese aesthetics for the physique, for the use of Western fashion," the primary tone, its workmanship and fabric texture show the emperor Fan brand mens a single characteristic - each uninhibited efforts, significantly more One can find high priced understated sophistication, interpretation males deep inside cool and charisma. "The emperor would be the leader inside the ancient word meaning, its essence represents wisdom, spirit, selflessness, dedication and other outstanding ethos." Royal brand (China) Co., Ltd. President Lu Qi stated. For Min College mens sophisticated location, a concern Quanzhou clothes business for a lot of years, stated a person faced together with the present market downturn garment industry, Quanzhou clothing providers are eager to pass new marketplace positioning, enhance their character, to create functions, to high-end brands to enter. "In truth, the majority of enterprises in Quanzhou casual mens most important field of casual put on has undoubtedly is a Red Sea, and high-end menswear marketplace space continues to be very large, prosperous careers, getting energy is very sturdy." This sources said.