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Detailed documentation of Emacs (and many other programs) is available thru Info. Type [C-h i]. This tool uses its own hypertext system to link topics and has sophisticated navigation. It was found so useful that it is now also available as a separate program (called 'info') which is installed by default on most unix-like systems.


  • Learning GNU Emacs, 2nd Edition by Debra Cameron, Bill Rosenblatt, Eric S. Raymond

Much better than the current, 3rd edition. The first half of the book walks you through the fundamental steps, as a tutorial.

Can be obtained from O'Reilly http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9781565921528.do

  • Casting Spells in Lisp (Emacs Lisp version) by Conrad Barski M.D.

Written originally to teach some other flavor of Lisp, the book has been modified for Emacs Lisp. The presentation is in a form between a comic book and a manual that educates while you have fun. The best of both worlds.

It can be read online here.






There are many Twitter accounts dedicated to sharing news and tips about Emacs. One can benefit a lot by following them:

Useful Extensions

Before you install a lot of extensions, explore your Emacs distribution! Try [C-h p] (M-x find-emacs-packages) to browse the available packages by category.