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home and documentation: https://github.com/magit/magit-filenotify
home and documentation: https://github.com/magit/magit-filenotify
=== highlight uncommited changes on the gutter area ===
[https://github.com/syohex/emacs-git-gutter Git-gutter]  is an extension to highlight uncommitted changes on the left side of the window, indicating wether a line has been inserted, modified or deleted, and allowing you to jump between and revert them selectively. [https://github.com/dgutov/diff-hl diff-hl] does it too and works with Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Svn, and it provides similar functionnality for '''dired'''. Both are available in [[ELPA]]. They are [[Tramp]]-aware.
After installation, call the minor modes or enable them:
    (add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'git-gutter-mode)
==== Jump between changes ====
To jump between changes: {{Command|git-gutter:next-hunk}} or {{Command|diff-hl-next-hunk}}.
== See Also ==
== See Also ==

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Description Git integration for Emacs
Author Phil Jackson
Maintainer Phil Jackson
Source https://github.com/magit/magit

Magit is an Emacs mode for working with Git repositories. It provides a convenient interface for the most common Git operations.

Basic setup

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/magit/directory")
(require 'magit)

Helpful keybindings

  • M-x magit-status is the main entry point to Magit. The author recommends binding this command to "a key of your choice". [C-x g] is a common choice:
(global-set-key (kbd "C-x g") 'magit-status)

The official Magit documentation is excellent and should be consulted for further information.

Common Customization

Change magit diff colors

If you want more common colors (green and red), instead of psyche highlighting:

(eval-after-load 'magit
    (set-face-foreground 'magit-diff-add "green3")
    (set-face-foreground 'magit-diff-del "red3")
    (when (not window-system)
      (set-face-background 'magit-item-highlight "black"))))

Use ido to checkout branches

(setq magit-completing-read-function 'magit-ido-completing-read)


magit-filenotify: refresh status buffer when git tree changes

This module, to be installed with ELPA, comes with a minor mode magit-filenotify which tracks changes in the source tree using file-notify and refreshes the magit status buffer. Emacs 24.4 with `file-notify-support' is required for it to work.

home and documentation: https://github.com/magit/magit-filenotify

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