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== What do you want to accomplish now? ==
== What do you want to accomplish now? ==
* [[:Category:Install Or Upgrade|Install Or Upgrade]]
* [[:Category:Install Or Upgrade|Install Or Upgrade]]
* [[:Category:Customize Emacs|Customize Emacs]]
* [[:Category:Customization|Customize Emacs]]
* [[:Category:Tweak Key Bindings|Tweak Key Bindings]]
* [[Key Bindings|Tweak Key Bindings]]
* [[:Category:Tutorial|Learn more Emacs (Tutorials)]]
* [[:Category:Tutorial|Learn more Emacs (Tutorials)]]

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WikEmacs (pronounced wiki-macs) collects useful resources for working with GNU Emacs. Think of it as a next generation, improved Emacs Wiki . You can also think of it as a pastebin or gist for Emacs users.

Basic terminology of typical Emacs GUI Frame

First time visitors can start exploring WikEmacs. We have added lots of useful pages since the launch of WikEmacs. We want to keep you excited and engaged.

We need more WikEmacs Contributors. You can help the following way.

  • Priority tasks
    • Migrate content from EmacsWiki. Please adopt the following approach -I found this on EmacsWiki which was helpful. But it took me a lot of time to find it. Now that I have found it, I will put it in WikEmacs so that others can benefit from it.

Emacs News

The latest stable release of Emacs is Emacs-23.4. The next major release is Emacs-24.1 and is in Pretest stage.

Emacs is available on all popular Operating Systems including GNU/Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows. It supports a variety of programming languages.

Explore this wiki

To explore this wiki proceed as follows:

  • Search for or visit a page of interest
  • At the end of the page, there is a list of categories
  • Click on individual categories and it will give you a list of all pages that will be of interest to you.

What is your comfort level with Emacs?

What do you want to accomplish now?

What do you use Emacs for?

How do you involve yourself with the community?