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Mark Multiple
Description Concurrent editing of multiple regions
Author Magnar Sveen
Maintainer Magnar Sveen

Mark Multiple is an Emacs mode for concurrently editing multiple regions.

Basic setup[edit]

See the GitHub README.

Helpful keybindings[edit]

If you use the bindings suggested in the project README, select a region and then use

[C-<] (or M-x mark-previous-like-this)
Mark the previous matching region
[C->] (or M-x mark-next-like-this)
Mark the next matching region
[C-*] (or M-x mark-all-like-this)
Mark all matching regions

A prefix argument of zero can be used to skip the current region.

[C-u 0 C-<] (or M-x mark-previous-like-this)
Unmark the current region and mark the previous matching region
[C-u 0 C->] (or M-x mark-next-like-this)
Unmark the current region and mark the next matching region

Common Customization[edit]

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