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*[https://launchpad.net/mediawiki-el Project Page]
*[https://launchpad.net/mediawiki-el Project Page]
[[Category:Third Party Package]]
[[Category:Third Party Package]]
[[Category:Markup languages]]
[[Category:Markup languages]]

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Description Mediawiki interface and markup mode
Author Jerry et al
Maintainer Mark A. Hershberger
Source https://code.launchpad.net/~hexmode/mediawiki-el/trunk
Part of Emacs no

Mediawiki.el is a package to help add content to any mediawiki site including WikEmacs. It comes with a Major Mode to support editing Mediawiki markup.


Install mediawiki.el from el-get or ELPA.


M-x load-library RET mediawiki RET
Load the library
M-x customize-variable RET mediawiki-site-alist
Configure as follows and save your settings
Site Name: WikEmacs
URL: http://wikemacs.org/w/
Username: InCognito
Password: s!cr!t
First Page: Main Page
You can provide "Username" and "Password" in your .authinfo file. home directory.

Alternatively you can add this snippet of Emacs Lisp code to your .emacs:

(require 'mediawiki)

(setq mediawiki-site-alist '(("Wikipedia" "http://en.wikipedia.org/w" "" "" "Main Page")
                             ("WikEmacs" "http://wikemacs.org/w/" "" "" "Main Page")))

;; Emacs users care more for WikEmacs than Wikipedia :-)
(setq mediawiki-site-default "WikEmacs")

You can naturally add more MediaWiki sites to the mediawiki-site-alist variable.


M-x mediawiki-site
Choose a site (say "WikEmacs") for the current session.
[C-c C-o] (or M-x mediawiki-open)
Open a page. To edit the main page, type "Main Page". Make your edits.
[C-x C-s] (or M-x mediawiki-save)
Submit your modifications.
[C-c] (or M-x mediawiki-save-and-bury)
Submit modifications and bury the buffer.

Helpful Keybindings

[C-return] (or M-x mediawiki-open-page-at-point)
Follow or browse to a WikiLink.
[M-g] (or M-x mediawiki-reload)
Reload a page


Word Wrap

Mediawiki sites are generally unfilled: do not add hard line breaks within a paragraph. There are various ways to wrap lines visually while you edit. For example in Emacs 24 you may want to enable Visual Line mode with a mode hook:

(setq mediawiki-mode-hook (lambda ()
                            (visual-line-mode 1)))

Edit or Create a page in a web browser

Right now Mediawiki.el fails silently whenever the site asks for number challenge (spam protection). The following snippet allows you to edit/create a page in a web browser

(defun yyr-mediawiki-browser-edit/create-page (page &optional site)
  "Edit a page in browser, asks for page name (sitename also if needed)"
  (interactive "sPage name (words): ")
  (let* ((site (mediawiki-prompt-for-site))
         (url (mediawiki-site-extract site 1))
         (index "index.php?title=")
         (et "&action=edit"))
    (funcall 'browse-url
             (message "%s%s%s%s"
                      url index (mediawiki-translate-pagename page) et))))

Call yyr-mediawiki-browser-edit/create-page

key binding to open current editing file in web browser?

bind mediawiki-browse to some key chord. The following uses [C-c o]

(define-key mediawiki-mode-map (kbd "C-c o") 'mediawiki-browse)

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