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Mediawiki.el is a package to help add content to any mediawiki site (including this site). It comes with a Major Mode to support editing mediawiki markup.


Just call M-x el-get-install RET mediawiki

Basic setup

Add mediawiki site to the mediawiki-site-alist.

(add-to-list 'mediawiki-site-alist
   '("wikemacs" "" "kindahero" "PASSWORD" "Main Page"))

password and login ID information can be in .autinfo file in the home directory.

How To

once you added your site to mediawiki-site-alist then call to mediawiki-open fetch a page and start editing it.

It has support to drafts support.

Helpful keybindings

[C-c C-c] save the page on to the website and buries.

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