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Org Mode

Org is an Emacs mode for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, project planning, outlining, and authoring with a fast and effective plain-text system. Org Mode is simple enough to start using right away, but provides tons of advanced features to support a wide variety of tasks and workflows.

Org-Mode is distributed with Emacs (since Emacs 22.2). This project is under active development and new releases are often available.


  • Simple plain text markup for hierarchical documents.
  • Built-in table editor: easily format tables and work with spreadsheets in plain text.
  • Extensible hyperlinking: create cross-references, link to external resources, and more.
  • Capture system: create templates to quickly capture and file notes and tasks.
  • Sequences of TODO-style keywords for task progress tracking.
  • Tags, priorities and properties to categorize, sort, filter, and search.
  • Custom project views using Org's Agenda.
  • Convenient date/time handling for timestamps, deadlines, and scheduling.
  • Clock support to track time spent on projects.
  • Export from plain-text to a varie-ty of formats (HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, etc).
  • Embedded source blocks: edit code blocks in-line with the appropriate mode. Execute code blocks to generate content. Org can even be used for literate programming.
  • Mobile support providing a subset of Org capabilities on iOS and Android devices.

External Links

The Org-Mode project maintains excellent documentation and has an active community.