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= Tutorial Pages =
= Tutorial Pages =
* [http://bc.tech.coop/blog/070711.html QuickSilver for Emacs: anything.el]
* [http://metasandwich.com/2010/07/30/what-can-i-get-for-10-dolla-anything-el/ What can I get for 10 dolla? Anything.el.]
[[Category:Project Management]][[Category:Convenience]][[Category:Third Party Package]]
[[Category:Project Management]][[Category:Convenience]][[Category:Third Party Package]]

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Description Project management library
Author name of author
Maintainer Bozhidar Batsov
Source https://github.com/bbatsov

Projectile is a project interaction library for Emacs. Its goal is to provide a nice set of features operating on a project level without introducing external dependencies. For instance - finding project files is done in pure Emacs Lisp without the use of GNU find.

This library provides easy project management and navigation. The concept of a project is pretty basic - just a folder containing special file. Currently git, mercurial and bazaar repos are considered projects by default. If you want to mark a folder manually as a project just create an empty .projectile file in it. Some of projectile's features:

  • jump to a file in project
  • jump to a project buffer
  • multi-occur in project buffers
  • grep in project
  • regenerate project etags

Basic setup

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/projectile/directory")
(require 'projectile)
(projectile-global-mode) ;; to enable in all buffers

Helpful keybindings

[C-c p j]
Jump to a file in the project.
[C-c p f]
Find text matches in the project

Common Customization

See Also

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