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=== How to make use [[Ido]] for accessing recent files? ==
=== How to make use [[Ido]] for accessing recent files? ===
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<syntaxhighlight lang="lisp">

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Description helps opening a file that is recently visited
Author David Ponce
Maintainer FSF
Source http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs.git/tree/lisp/recentf.el
Part of Emacs yes

recentf helps you to open files that are recently accessed.This package maintains a menu for visiting files that were operated on recently. When enabled a new "Open Recent" sub menu is displayed in the "File" menu. The recent files list is automatically saved across Emacs sessions. You can customize the number of recent files displayed, the location of the menu and others options (see the source code for details).

Basic setup

To enable this package, add the following to your .emacs

(recentf-mode 1)


How to make use Ido for accessing recent files?

(defun steve-ido-choose-from-recentf ()
  "Use ido to select a recently opened file from the `recentf-list'"
  (find-file (ido-completing-read "Open file: " recentf-list nil t)))

  ;;; bind it to "M-f11"
(global-set-key [(meta f11)] 'steve-ido-choose-from-recentf)

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