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balanced. This setting is quite useful if you are editing
balanced. This setting is quite useful if you are editing
[[Emacs Lisp]], [[C]] etc.
[[Emacs Lisp]], [[C]] etc.
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<source lang="lisp">
<source lang="lisp">

Latest revision as of 15:19, 7 December 2012

Description Insert the complex statement skeleton SKELETON describes very concisely.
Author name of author
Maintainer FSF
Source http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs.git/tree/lisp/skeleton.el
Part of Emacs yes

Skeleton library can be used to create documents based on templates.

Keep some chars always balanced

Use the below setting to insert paired characters with just a single keystroke.

For example, typing '(' will automatically insert '()' in to the buffer. Similarly typing '{' will automatically insert '{}'. This way parenthesis, quotes etc will always remain balanced. This setting is quite useful if you are editing Emacs Lisp, C etc.

(require 'skeleton)
(setq skeleton-pair t)
(global-set-key "\"" 'skeleton-pair-insert-maybe)
(global-set-key "(" 'skeleton-pair-insert-maybe)
(global-set-key "[" 'skeleton-pair-insert-maybe)
(global-set-key "{" 'skeleton-pair-insert-maybe)