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|header4    =
|header4    =
|label4    = Auto-activates for
|label4    = Auto-activates for
|data4      = {{#if{{{auto activates|}}}|<tt>{{{auto activates}}}</tt>}}
|data4      = {{#if:{{{auto activates|}}}|<tt>{{{auto activates}}}</tt>}}

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Library cc-mode
Command c++-mode
Builtin yes
Auto-activates for *.ii, *.CC, *.HH, *.cpp, *.hpp, *.cxx, *.hxx, *.c++, *.h++, *.cc, *.hh

Generate a major-mode infobox.

{{Infobox major-mode
|title = C++
|library = cc-mode
|command = c++-mode
|builtin = yes
|auto activates = *.ii, *.CC, *.HH, *.cpp, *.hpp, *.cxx, *.hxx, *.c++, *.h++, *.cc, *.hh

will generate the infobox shown at the top right corner of this page.