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= Common customizations =
= Common customizations =
{{CustomizeVarible|case-fold-search}} or {{CustomizeGroup|Matching}}
{{CustomizeVariable|case-fold-search}} or {{CustomizeGroup|Matching}}

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{{{1}}} is a wonderful mode which does wonderful things.

Basic setup

Install these third party libraries.

Helpful keybindings

[C-x C-c]
Quit Emacs.
[C-x C-s] (or M-x save-buffer)
Save buffer.

Common customizations

M-x customize-variable RET case-fold-search or M-x customize-group RET Matching RET

Customization 1

(message "This stuff will go in your .emacs")

Customization 2

(message "You can also do this customization")

Project Pages

Tutorial Pages

Emacs as commit message editor
Tips for setting up Emacs as Bazaar commit editor.

External links

Other things of general interest