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Troubleshooting tips from long time Emacs users.

Find where a function is defined[edit]

M-x find-function
This command finds the source file containing the definition of the function near point.
M-x find-function-on-key
This finds the source file containing the definition of the function bound to that key.

However, some functions are implemented in C rather than Lisp. To find these functions, download the C source files and add the following to your init file:

(setq find-function-C-source-directory "/path/to/C-source-directory")

Locate library file[edit]

M-x locate-library
Use this to debug load-path issues. Try M-x locate-library RET org RET now.

I just got this issue but only on ESXi cluster. I changed the das.failuredetectiontime value on 4 cluster (1 full ESXi's and 3 full ESX's) and only the ESXi cluster didn't update the value.

Looking at Emacs Lisp files[edit]

When installing new packages, you would want to hear some words of wisdom from the author of the library file.

M-x find-library
Try M-x find-library RET mediawiki RET to see whether you have installed Mediawiki.el. If it works, look at the Commentary section to see the author's notes.