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Vim, can do this.1. The Ex command below cratees a temporary buffer with the data for occurences just like M-x occurences. Excepting that it can inlucde as many files as required and even some powerful shell like patterns for e.g. **/*.h **/*.cpp -> This will search for the pattern occuerence in all .h and .cpp files found in current directory and any other sub-directory with in it!!:vimgrep // %2. Once you have entered the command above, you can preview the results in [Quickfix List] just like in Emacs using :copen, but you have useful normal mode short cuts to move next, forward, rewind, etc. etc.:copen3. The [Quickfix List] buffer is read-only as well. Easily remediated by below, and you can filter afterwards.:set modifiable4. Lather, rinse, repeat and shine.5. Now you can save the [Quickfix List] permanently to the harddisk using commands below and review them later on.:w Afterwards, start VIM with the quickfix list as shown below:$ gvim -q Now, Can *your* editor do that?