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'''User's Initialization File ''' or '''dotemacs''' or '''init file''' is a file to store your configurations/customizations for Emacs written
Editing User's Initialization File - WikEmacs
in [[Emacs Lisp]], located at either {{Filename|${HOME}/.emacs.d/init.el}} or (archaically) at {{Filename|${HOME}/.emacs}} or at {{Filename|%HOME%\_emacs}} on [[Windows| MS Windows]].
The most reliable way to find our the place of the initialization file on your system is to check the value of the '''user-init-file''' variable.
== Configuration Example ==
For a good example of an init file check out some of the starter kits, like [[Prelude]].
== Debugging the Init file ==
<syntaxhighlight lang="bash">
$ emacs --debug-init
Running the above command will enable the Emacs Lisp debugger for errors in the init file.
== See Also ==
* [[Prelude]]
* [[Emacs Starter Kit]]
== External links ==
* {{Manual|emacs|Init-File|The Init File}}
* [http://ola-bini.blogspot.com/2008/05/how-large-is-your-emacs.html How Large is Your .emacs?]
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Editing User's Initialization File - WikEmacs