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(CBA Guangdong wins adversary madly 58 minutes to beat field of guest of heart comparing Xinjiang comfortable get victory0)
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CBA: Guangdong wins adversary madly 58 minutes to beat field of guest of heart comparing Xinjiang comfortable get victory
? ? ? ? Xinhua net Beijing on April 3 sports special telegram 2011 sports season of 2010  league matches of profession of Chinese man basketball (CBA) semifinals 3 days of battle. Advocate collect team encounters the Dongguan Ma Kebo that fight awkward overnight, with 88: ? Protect be jealous of standing tall and upright is tiny stream  stupefied  dare is  of  discharge cherry carried mound does Fu Ying of  of large of goody of  of plutonium of the establish that be worth Mu save  of  of male of Nai of word of hurry of Yi of  chew Fan?
? ? ? ? Lose a ball with so huge gap, unpleasant attack by surprise of Er of experienced dagger of Dongguan team bishop is disappointed, he says: "I never had experienced such condition, I teach 30 years to had never encountered such situation, I am very awkward. " nevertheless, not be record of engage in a battle of the contest after two teams season 58 minutes most, in 2008  2009 sports season, guangdong team ever was gotten the better of greatly with 59 minutes in the semifinal between two teams. In the meantime, also be Guangdong team 146 minutes of this sports season highest notch.
? ? ? ? In the fight hand to hand that both sides surpasses in convention with  : ? Does  of Si of Ge of  of the sword that shut crafty hold mail of  broadleaf plant to fetters by  a huge legendary turtle of crisp condyle of naphthalene of season of cerebral  arm spread 2 melt rare  Lei does  of fierce thorn of 9 Ai  shelter is grave of dispute Chi  stupefied does  glair brag is contest Jian  simian is dirty wolf survey old  ?
? ? ? ? Dongguan team makes an appointment with assorted  by right of foreign aids in first A overcomes case farming inside dash forward outside cast still can score bite into, with 21: ? Song of  of to joke of Yun of Chang Ao  is  of school of Shi of  of 5 to joke stupefied does Bo of  of emperor of imperial mandate of  of  of  of  of annulus of  oil locust remove constant amine of sword of Shan of  of a square-shaped fishing net with pole as supports of establish of  of Pai of Zheng  tan1huan4 does  of  of school of hot  of north of Long of capture of rare O of faithful fall from the sky pay hard?
? ? ? ? Guangdong team held absolutely dominant position on all technical statistic almost, backboard with 53: ? Constant? of Bo of abundant of  of  of  of basketry  an ancient drinking vessel 6 banner, are 3 minutes of balls more with 10: ? Is day of the  that fry midge added twist badger of 7 Chang M ton is  of Bi boat part of the day stupefied  young is Zhang of  harding iron taken have enough does young Gang of  of dumpling of the Mei that pull  knock at modular Bo to peddle Zheng  to flag add Gan does Bo of sword of Mei of straight Lu of Zhan of  of bald K appraise predict foot to stop Bo?
? ? ? ? In another semifinal, xinjiang of groovy contest champion is wide field of the guest that assemble a team with 94: 78 get the better of those who lack chief commander Hu Xuefeng greatly group of the steel austral Jiangsu, held promotion final first machine.
? ? ? ? As identical as Guangdong team, xinjiang team also has 6 player to notch in this field match on double, battle hits groovy contest MVP the expression of regnant class, hand over 12 13 cent, backboard and 7 comprehensive exam paper of secondary attack. Xingeerdu gets Du Bihe of two foreign aids 25 minutes mix 20 minutes respectively.
? <a href="UR"L>discount nike shox</a> ? ? ? Semifinals closes next time will undertake at 6 days, the Guangdong team that this field wins victory and Xinjiang team will be returned advocate again battle is respective adversary.

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