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== About Me ==
Emacs is the one.
Emacs is the one.
My name is Xue Fuqiao.  I have been a GNU/Linux user since 2008.  I've been an [[Emacsite]] since 2009 and began to write programs in
[[Emacs Lisp]] since 2011.  Started with [[XEmacs]], switched to
[[SXEmacs]], back to XEmacs, and now I'm using [[GNU Emacs]] and Guile-based Emacs. I don't like using the Emacs
Lisp package manager.  Instead, I like install additional Lisp
packages by hand, which is flexible.  I prefer to learn new things
from reference manuals, instead of tutorials.  My favorite font is
[http://www.proggyfonts.com proggy_tiny]. Currently I use GNU Emacs on
a laptop with a [http://www.colemak.com Colemak] layout.
I'm a software developer and software freedom activist.  And I’m currently a student of [http://www.ncut.edu.cn NCUT].  My major is Communication Engineering.
I'm a [http://www.fsf.org/free-software-supporter/ Free Software Supporter].
== My GNU Emacs Installation ==
./configure --with-x-toolkit=no --without-toolkit-scroll-bars --with-wide-int
src/emacs -Q
make install
== My GNU Emacs Invocation ==
emacsclient -c -a ""
== My Accounts ==
*Stack Overflow
[http://stackoverflow.com/users/1767708/xfq xfq]
*[[Emacs Wiki|EmacsWiki]]
[http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/XueFuqiao XueFuqiao]
[https://savannah.gnu.org/users/xfq xfq]
== RSI ==
Started physiotherapy on June, 2012.
== Motto ==
*There is no system but GNU, and Linux is one of its kernel.
*I've used Emacs for many years now, but have never reached its maximum potential.
*It is a logical impossibility to make a language more powerful by omitting features, no matter how bad they may be.
== My Init Files ==
Coming soon.
== My ~/.Xdefaults ==
Emacs.bitmapIcon: off
Emacs.font: ProggyTinyTT-12
Emacs*menubar.margin: 0
Emacs*toolBar: 0
Emacs.useXIM: off
== My ~/.sawfish/rc ==
Coming soon.
== I Use ==
*[[GNU Emacs]]
*[[Sawfish mode]]
*[https://github.com/sigma/gh.el gh.el]
*[[Org mode]]
*[[Abbrev mode]]
*Tramp mode
[[Category:WikEmacs Contributor]]
[[Category:WikEmacs Contributor]]

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Emacs is the one.