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Description Version control front end for emacs
Author several authors
Maintainer Andre Spiegel
Part of Emacs yes

vc is a Version Control minor mode. This minor mode is automatically activated whenever a file is opened which is under any revision control system. It supports many different version control systems including git, bazaar, CVS and SVN etc. It gives a unique interface to Emacs irrespective of back end version control system in operation.

Basic setup[edit]

No particular setup is needed for basic usage. Emacs checks for usage of version control automatically when a file is being opened.

Helpful key bindings[edit]

[C-x v +] (or M-x vc-update)
Update the current fileset's files to their tip revisions.
[C-x v =] (or M-x vc-diff)
Display diffs between file revisions in a buffer using diff-mode.
[C-x v g] (or M-x vc-annotate)
Display the edit history of the current file.

Common customizations[edit]

Automatically revert version-controlled buffers[edit]

Since version controlled files tend to be changed outside of Emacs, it might be useful to automatically activate auto-revert-mode.

;; Activate `auto-revert-mode' for version-controlled files
(defadvice vc-find-file-hook (after auto-revert-mode-for-vc activate)
  "vc-find-file-hook advice for activating `auto-revert-mode'"
  (when vc-mode (auto-revert-mode 1)))

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