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Welcome to WikEmacs, a MediaWiki-powered community about Emacs!

There are only a few guidelines for the contributors here:

  • Articles should be geared towards current versions of Emacs (23 and 24 at time of writing).
  • Articles should not reproduce documentation already available from an official source. Many packages and extensions are well-documented on their own project sites, and Emacs itself includes extensive documentation.
  • Comments, questions, and discussion belong on the Discussion pages, not in the articles themselves.
  • Extensions and packages will not be hosted here. If you are looking for a place to host your extension, try GitHub or one of the other many available platforms out there!

There is a Google discussion group here for more general questions regarding the wiki.

Thanks to the people that brought us the original EmacsWiki. Thanks to everyone who supported the idea for a new wiki. And thanks in advance to all future contributors!