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Start with http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Wikitext_examples if you are new to MediaWiki markup.

Creating new pages

To create a new page, do this:

  1. Visit Template:NewPage and copy the text area to clipboard. (Feel free to modify the template. Please don't delete anything. Modify or Move. But don't delete anything in this template or this wiki)
  2. Goto WikEmacs:Scratch Buffer
  3. Add this [[Test Page]] and save the scratch buffer.
  4. Click on the new Wiki link to create a blank page and paste the contents of clipboard there.
  5. Save the newly created page.
  6. Now you have a basic template which you can expand upon. Add content to the new page as you please.


  • Articles should be geared toward the current and development versions of Emacs, 23 and 24 at time of writing. References to older Emacs releases should generally be avoided.
  • Articles should not reproduce documentation already available from another source. Many packages and extensions are well-documented on their own project sites; and Emacs itself includes extensive documentation. Link to official documentation where possible.
  • Comments and questions belong on the Discussion pages, not in articles themselves. Always sign your comments using ~~~~. This expands to your username (if logged in) and adds a timestamp. Unsigned comments make the discussion hard to follow.
  • Extensions and packages will not be hosted here. If you are looking for a place to host your extension try GitHub or one of the other many hosting / source control platforms out there!


There are templates defined for referencing variables, function, command, keys, manual etc. Use them for uniform experience. See Special:UncategorizedTemplates.

Some examples:

What it looks like What you type
M-x apropos
[C-x C-c]
{{Keys|C-x C-c}}
[C-x C-f] (find-file) ||
{{KeyBinding|C-x C-f|find-file}}
Major Modes (`(info "(emacs) Major Modes")')
{{Manual|emacs|Major-Modes|Major Modes}}


There are special categories defined for Operating system, Emacs releases, Programming languages etc. Use these when possible or introduce new ones as required. See Special:Categories.