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Clojure programming in Emacs is well supported by a combination of the excellent clojure-mode, paredit-mode and CIDER, the Clojure IDE and REPL for Emacs.

See also Lisp_editing for other lisp plugins, like the excellent Parinfer.


CIDER is now the de-facto Clojure IDE on Emacs.

It is a great alternative to the now deprecated combination of swank-clojure and SLIME. You'll find detailed instructions on setting them up in clojure-mode's README.

You can see videos, like this one: getting started with Cider.


Helm-cider: a Helm interface to CIDER. Browse symbols, namespaces and documentation.

It is in Melpa.


Helm-clojure is an earlier project with similar ideas (see the gif inside).

Startup kits[edit]

Most Starter Kits come bundled with Clojure support.

See also[edit]


Use cider-spy to send code snippets and text exchanges to each other etc, as well as EMACS bookmarks.

Clojure snippets[edit]

yasnippet snippets for clojure (in MELPA).

4Clojure questions[edit]

With 4clojure, Open and evaluate 4clojure questions.

AC complete[edit]

ac-cider is a completion source for Emacs auto-complete package that uses CIDER (and Compliment) as candidates provider.


clj-refactor is a collection of simple clojure refactoring functions. Available in Marmalade and MELPA.

Cheat sheet[edit]

The clojure cheat sheet for emacs packaged into an easy, fast, searchable, offline form.

Typed Clojure mode[edit]

The official Typed Clojure Emacs minor mode.