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notes about adding templates
This category is a list of contains Templates that are recommended for use when contributing to WikEmacs. Each Visit the template page should include instructions on for usage and provide an exampleexamples.
For more information on contributing see [[WikEmacs:Guidelines]].
== Contributing Templates ==
If you would like to add new templates:
* See the [ MediaWiki Help] page about templates.
* Please provide a 'Usage' section that summarizes what the template is for and gives an example. Refer to existing templates for guidelines. Note the usage of <tt><nowiki><includeonly></nowiki></tt> for template content and <tt><nowiki><noinclude></nowiki></tt> for documentation.
* Add your template to [[:Category:Templates]] when it is ready for use. (Templates that are not recommended for some reason can be removed from this category.)
* Also consider adding your template to an appropriate subcategory.
[[Category:WikEmacs Contributor]]

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