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In Emacs terminology, a "frame" is what most window managers (Windows, OSX, GNOME, KDE, etc.) would call a "window". It will typically have a title bar and some buttons to iconify (minimize), maximize / restore, and close the frame. To see an example, open up a second frame from your running Emacs instance with {{Keys|C-x 5 2}} (<code>make-frame-command</code>). You can close frames with {{Keys|C-x 5 0}} (<code>delete-frame</code>), though this will not close the last frame that is open. == External links == * GNU Emacs manual:** {{Manual|emacs|Screen|Screen}}** {{Manual|emacs|Frames|Frames}} [[Category:Level:Beginner]]#REDIRECT [[Category:Emacs:JargonTerminology#Frame]]

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