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After Na Yong exposing to the sun new big fish already was accused by " edge " already went in curule tell witness -- in new network When report of Zhang Yaning of reporter of sport weekly engage by special arrangement is hitting a holiday to sweep black storm to enter end, an information that allows a person to astonish comes out: Some heavyweight character by monitoring. He Nayong at the outset case is similar, this personage is asked a paragraph of period is not visited recently.

After Xie Na poplar has an accident in succession, everybody thinks this already was the biggest consistently " fish " . Nevertheless, "8.25 case group " and " 2.16 case group " monitoring personage of a lot of football, have professional club investor, also have those who retire with active service player, and partial China is sufficient assist with the place sufficient assist official. Recently a paragraph of period, hep personage says, those who an everybody is familiar with very much " big fish " also be in by monitoring in. When this personage applies for to visit abroad, be rejected by gentle words, with Na Yang, his position is more sensitive also. 
As " 2.16 case group " the thorough investigation of the person such as unripe to Xie Yalong, Wei Shaohui, Li Dong, Lv Feng, Shao Wenzhong, the China with little part and their close relationship is sufficient assist and the place is enough assist the official is very dangerous also. Message personage discloses, although had entered end, but round off phase returns meeting somebody to have an accident, "The person that is arrested wants render meritorious service, can tell clew and witness. Explain the evidence that give especially, if these clew can confirm certain person has a problem, case group arrests a person possibly according to these evidence, sweep black storm to make a holiday this complete ending. Sweep black storm to make a holiday this complete ending.. 
Na Yong, Yang Yimin, Zhang Jian is strong waiting for a person is to belong to " 8.25 case group " category, the others is numerous person criterion by " 2.16 case group " responsible. Xie Yalong, Wei Shaohui, Li Dong is unripe wait <a href="UR"L>best cheap nike shoes</a> for a person to be in early the portion had been in Feburary 2010 on list, the course obtains evidence, be taken away to the ability at the beginning of September. The other name on list, if be explained to give the irrefutable evidence that goes against them by seizer, escape hard also identical destiny.