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Where to Get a Replacement Verizon Phone and Get it Activated Did you break your phone lately or just got tired of the phone you are currently using? If you are looking to get a cell phone but aren’t eligible to renew your carrier contract there are countless some great websites online where you can get replacement Verizon phones for a fraction of the price of any brick and mortar store. So, What is a Replacement Verizon Phone? A replacement Verizon phone or a replacement phone, as they are called in general, is a phone that has been designed for a particular carrier network. These phones come without a plan, so they are perfect for those people who have lost or broken their phones and want a new one, but isn’t eligible for a subsidized network carrier upgrade. How to Get used Verizon phones? Used Verizon phones can be found over the internet. There are numerous online stores where a person can get a phone model of their choice with the carrier network. Before buying a phone from one of those websites, one should first do some research to see if they can get a good deal. For doing that, you will want to find a reputable website that deals in used Verizon phones. You will also need to check the authenticity of the website before you go ahead and make a purchase. Websites that have been around for a while have great customer reviews that can easily be viewed. They also offer a much better service when it comes to a secure website as well as the product and delivery of used Verizon phones. What Next? For those of you who have purchased one of the used Verizon phones from an online store, this is going to be a guide on how you can activate the replacement Verizon phone. Getting Your Phone Activated: First you will need to find out the ESN number of the replacement Verizon phone. To do that, take the battery off of the phone. While phone models vary, all of them either show the ESN code, which is an eleven digit number in Decimal format (sometimes abbreviated DEC) or in Hexadecimal format which is a combination of letters and numbers that is 8 digits in length. Verizon can work with either one. It is not the serial number which is usually designated “S/N” or the FCC ID number. The ESN is unique and is used to identify a cell phone belonging to a particular carrier network. Sprint can use ESN, HEX, DEC number to activate your phone.

Activate Your Phone via Website: If you happen to have access to the internet, going online to activate your replacement Verizon phone is recommended. To do that, you will need to log onto the Verizon homepage, but you will need to register first. After logging in select the phone you would like to switch from. Verizon will then ask you to back up your contacts. Finally, Verizon will ask you to enter the ESN number of the phone. After entering the ESN code, click ‘submit’ for verification. Customer support is also available seven days a week to assist you in the transferring process. Where to Buy Online? A quick visit to [http:// www.MobileCellMart.com cell phones replacement] will prove to be the reputable and cost-effective company you are looking for. Browse wonderful variety of used, replacement phones and find the best deal for your preferences.