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Description File Manager for Emacs.
Author Sebastian Kremer
Maintainer FSF
Source http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/emacs.git/tree/lisp/dired.el
Part of Emacs yes

Dired is a inbuilt File Manager for Emacs. Its arguably the best file manager with the functionality it possesses. Unlike any other file mangers the directory listing is just as an another buffer of Emacs with dired-mode as Major Mode.


Dired has countless functionality.

[C-x d] (or M-x dired)
ask for a directory and puts you into a buffer with direct listing of that directory.
[C-x C-j] (or M-x dired-jump)
jump to a dired buffer corresponding to the current buffer (This require loading Dired Extra).

In the minibuffer, while doing 'Find File':

jump to a dired buffer corresponding to the directory in the minibuffer.

Basic commands

[ RET]
Open the file/Directory
[ q]
Close the dir
Copy file
Rename file
Delete file
create a new dir

Mark/unmark files


mark a file


unmark a file


unmark all marked


mark by pattern

See Also

Dired+ - a package that extends the functionalities of Dired