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Edit with Emacs
Description Edit text areas via Chrom(ium) browsers
Author name of author
Maintainer Alex Bennée
Source https://github.com/stsquad/emacs_chrome

Edit with Emacs is extension to chrome, that you can edit testarea on your webpage with Emacs.

How It Works

  • install Edit with Emacs on your chrome
  • download edit-server.el to your computer
  • add following line to .emacs
(add-to-list 'load-path "/where/your/edit-server.el/is")
(require 'edit-server)
  • run your emacs as a server as "emacs --daemon"
  • your will find a button at the bottom of textarea when you browse the webpage
  • when you press the button a emacs frame will show up, with text already in the textarea
  • when you have done, press c-c c-c as "edit-server-done" to update your change to the textarea
  • Warning When you edit textarea, it is likely your change your major mode to mediawiki-mode or other major mode, this will likely bound the c-c c-c to other commmand, then you should use -x "edit-server-done"


Chrome extension Edit with Emacs uses its own Edit Server rather than Emacsclient because Chrome's security policy does not allow extensions to spawn new processes. The extension allows the user to edit text in Emacs and send the results to the browser textarea with [C-x #] (or M-x edit-server-done).

Noted on Emacs as a browser's external editor.