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Note: there is another package also called eproject

Description Yet another project management frame-work
Author name of author
Maintainer Jonathan Rockway
Source https://github.com/jrockway/eproject

The eproject package allows you to define project definitions in Emacs which then will get automatically associated when you open files.


(require 'eproject)
(require 'eproject-compile)

(define-project-type debian-package
  (look-for "debian")
  :common-compiles ("dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot"))

(define-project-type android-package
  (look-for "AndroidManifest.xml")
  :common-compiles ("ant compile"))

(define-project-type rockbox
  (look-for "../rockbox.git/rbutil")
  :common-compiles ("make" "make install" "make fullzip"))

(define-project-type chrome-extension
  (look-for "manifest.json"))

Now when a file is opened that is in the tree for one of these definitions you will find it both in Template:Minor-mode and a buffer local variable eproject-root defined.