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:[[Alienmangel]] – a graphical action/adventure-game inspired by Rodent’s revenge
:[[Alienmangel]] – a graphical action/adventure-game inspired by Rodent’s revenge
:[[BefungeMode]] – interpreter for the funny Befunge programming language
:[[BefungeMode]] – interpreter for the funny Befunge programming language
:[[EmacsRobots]] – like crobots and friends
:[[EmacsRobots]] – like crobots and friends
:[[GoMode]] – play GNU Go within Emacs
:[[GoMode]] – play GNU Go within Emacs

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Emacs has many entertaining features.

Built-in Games

These games are included in Emacs.
5x5 - fill in all the squares
animate - make text dance
blackbox - find objects by firing beams into a black box
DecipherMode - help for cracking a simple alphabetic substitution cipher
DissociatedPress – fun with gibberish
EmacsDoctor - psychological help from a Rogerian analyst, for when it’s all getting too much for you
dunnet - text-mode dungeon adventure game
gomoku - five-in-a-row against the computer
hanoi - computer solving the towers of hanoi game
lm - neural net robot that learns landmarks
life - John Conway’s game of life
meese - stop impressionable young minds of America from seeing the etc/sex.6 man page
MorseCode - convert text to and from morse code
mpuz - multiplication puzzle (hidden digits)
pong - two-player computerized ping-pong
snake - guide a snake around the screen, eat to grow
solitaire - balls on an 8x8 cross shaped grid
studlify-region - convert text to stUdlY caps
Tetris - arrange falling blocks
yow - random Zippy quote
ZoneMode - crazy screen effects when idle

Add-on Games

These games are available through third party packages.
Alienmangel – a graphical action/adventure-game inspired by Rodent’s revenge
BefungeMode – interpreter for the funny Befunge programming language
EmacsRobots – like crobots and friends
GoMode – play GNU Go within Emacs
IgsGoMode – play Go over the internet
GoProblemMode – solve go problems interactively
Hangman – word guessing against the computer
KeyWiz – practice those Emacs keybindings!
Nummove – a graphical game of fifteen
MalyonMode – plays interactive fiction / Infocom games (Z machine interpreter, remember Zork?)
MandelBrot and other fractals generated by Emacs
MazeMax – generating and navigating thru complex mazes
MushMode – Has link other mudclients running on Emacs
NBackGame – A game for brain training which may improve working memory and intelligence
NethackMode – play nethack inside emacs
PhutballMode – play phutball over the net
RandomIdleQuote – not really a game, but fun! Show’s a quote when emacs goes into idle.
RLX – a graphical roguelike engine and development system for Emacs(currently being ported to Common Lisp).
rpg-el – a role playing game
TypingOfEmacs – a game for fast typers
TypingPractice – typing practice in the minibuffer.
Whine – complaint generator
MineSweeper – a game of mine sweeper
Elite for Emacs – An Emacs version of the classic game Elite
EightPuzzle – a game of eight puzzle
Sudoku – classic number puzzle
EmacsPoker – simple video poker game for Emacs
Emstar - another implementation of dstar
Conx – like the built-in DissociatedPress

Other Entertainment