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A Statusnet[1] microblogging client for Emacs, currently using the Twitter compatible API.

System Requirements

GNU Emacs 22 or later

GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, BSD or any Unix based OS (requires wget)


Download the latest stable release of Emacs Identica-mode [2]

Or get the latest development code from the Git repository at [3]


Copy the identica-mode.el file to your Emacs elisp files directory (typically ~/.emacs.d/) Then add the following to your .emacs (or your preferred customizations file)

;;; mode
(require 'identica-mode)
(setq identica-username "yourusername")

If you want to authenticate using simple authentication, create a file ~/.authinfo with the following contents:

machine servername login yourusername password yourpassword Replace servername with your server (if connecting to Identica service, use as server name), yourusername and yourpassword with your information.

You can also authenticate using OAuth, specially if you log in with an OpenID account which has no password. To use OAuth authentication (requires using oauth.el[4]), add the following to your .emacs file:

(setq identica-auth-mode "oauth")

If you want to post from the minibufer without having identica buffer active, you can set global keybindings.

Add this to send status updates

(global-set-key "\C-cip" 'identica-update-status-interactive)

Add this to send direct messages

(global-set-key "\C-cid" 'identica-direct-message-interactive)


To start identica mode type: M-x identica-mode the buffer *identica* will appear and you can see your friends timeline. Press the [i] key to toggle icon mode to see user pictures.

To view your replies timeline

  • [C-c C-r] To view the public timeline
  • [C-c C-a] To view your friends timeline (the default timeline)
  • [C-c C-f] To view a user’s timeline
  • [C-c C-u] To view a group’s timeline
  • [C-c C-g] To view a tag’s timeline
  • [C-c C-t] To refresh the buffer’s timeline press [g].

To post an update of your status, press [C-c C-s] type your message in the minibuffer, and hit Enter. You will see ‘Success: Post’ in minibuffer.

To send a direct message to a user, press [C-c C-d]. On the minibuffer, you will be prompted for the username, then for the message. To repeat (re-dent) a message, press [C-c RET] while the cursor is on the message’s line. To favor a message, press the [F] key (shift f) while the cursor is on the message’s line.

Additionally, you while typing your message you can press [F4] key while the cursor is over a URL to shorten it using any of the following URL shortening services:, TightURL,, TinyURL, and To expand an short url in your timeline, position your cursor over the short url and press [e] key, it will be replaced with the expanded version in a few seconds.